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Current Issues in West German Decision Research


This volume contains the revised papers of a workshop on psychological decision research held at the 27th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP 27) at Wuppertal in the spring of 1985. As the title suggests, the volume should provide insight into «Current Issues in West German Decision Research». The contributions are concerned with both individual decision making, and bargaining in group decision. The articles in the individual decision section show a theoretical cognitive emphasis while those in other sections show a variety of different approaches. The authors mostly come from a background of social psychology, mathematical psychology, or methodology, although some papers from behaviorally - oriented experimental economists are also included.
Contents: Individual Decision Making (e.g., probability judgments, risky decisions, multiattribute decision making, judgmental heuristics) - Group Decision Making and Bargaining Behavior (e.g., social decision schemes, risky shifts, weighted majority games, bargaining theories, coalition formation) - Experimental Social Dilemmas (e.g., matrix games, social orientations).
Authors: W. Albers (Bielefeld), D. Albert, (Heidelberg), K.M. Aschenbrenner (Heidelberg), K. Bamberger (Saarbrücken), U. Böckenholt (Heidelberg), H.W. Crott (Freiburg), H. Gertzen (Heidelberg), W. Güth (Köln), J. Hageböck (Heidelberg), R. Henss (Saarbrücken), W. Hesse (Bielefeld), H. Jungermann (Berlin), D.A. Kravitz (Freiburg/Lexington), Th. May (Bielefeld), R.S. May (Berlin), H. Müller (Frankfurt), H. Moosbrugger (Frankfurt), M. Popp (Mainz), M. Schäfer (Frankfurt), R.W. Scholz (Bielefeld), U. Schulz (Bielefeld), F. Schmalhofer (Freiburg), R. Tietz (Frankfurt), J. Zuber (Freiburg).