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Christology in the Indian Anthropological Context

Man - History - Christ: Christ, the Mystery of Man and of the Human History. An Evaluative Encounter with K. Rahner and W. Pannenberg


Mathew Vekathanam

This work is a contribution towards the developing Indian Christology. The mystery of Christ is discussed in the context of the Indian anthropology, especially of the Vedanta, with special emphasis on the Christological contributions of some of the prominent Indian thinkers, both Christian and non-Christian. There is also a serious and successful attempt made here to bring the Indian anthropo-Christological problematic into a critical and dialogical encounter especially with two knowledgeable representatives of the German theological milieu, Karl Rahner and Wolfhart Pannenberg, showing the complementary nature as well as the irreconcilable aspects of the various Christological views. The approach here is dialectical, critical, sufficiently differentiated, very systematic and clear. The missiological and dialogico-ecumenical implications of this work are also of considerable importance.
Contents: The Vedantic context of the Indian Christology from an anthropological view-point - The Indian Christological Approaches - An evaluative encounter of the Indian anthropo-Christological approaches with K. Rahner and W. Pannenberg.