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A Study of Conversion Among The Angas of Plateau State of Nigeria With Emphasis on Christianity


Daniel N. Wambutda

This is so far the most-detailed information on the Angas (Ngas), the largest ethnic group on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria. The book draws up a sketch of both the political and ecclesiastical history of the people. This is followed by socio-anthropological data about the people including a description of the traditional religion of the Angas (Ngas). The material serves as the necessary springboard for discussing the factors that were responsible for the conversion of the Angas (Ngas) people of Nigeria. The author concludes his thesis by giving a theoretical analysis of some of the theories of conversion per se and opting for a Hortonian theory as the most cogent. It is certainly an indispensable work dealing with conversion to and from any religion although in this case Christianity is used as a focus.
Contents: Ngas social anthropological set-up - Their history and advent of Christianity in their land - Five basic theories of conversion are proposed with the «Hortonian» hypothesis considered the best option.