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Education in Mission / Mission in Education

A Critical Comparative Study of Selected Approaches


Bongani Mazibuko

The dissertation investigates the work of the Project in Partnership between Black and White which is based in Birmingham, England. The focus of this experiment in theological education is dialogical and intercultural within the British socio-cultural setting. This programme is compared with the Alternative Theological and Staff Development Experiment of Colgate Divinity School in Rochester, New York; and the Black Church Experience, the Research in Black Church Studies and Research Study in Oral History at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary, Evanston, Illinois in USA.
This study further probes into the trends in general education in South Africa and their influence on the socio-political dynamics and how these in turn influence education for mission. The research analyses these approaches in the light of the work done by the Programme on Theological Education of the World Council of Chruches. The enquiry points to the need to re-think our approach to theological education in all our pluralistic societies.