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Hindeutung auf das Höhere

A Structural Study of the Novels of Joseph von Eichendorff


Judith Purver

This study, the first full-length investigation in English of the structure of Eichendorff's novels, begins by examining Romantic literary theory and its significance for Eichendorff's conception of the «Roman». His two novels, Ahnung und Gegenwart and Dichter und ihre Gesellen, are then analysed in the context of both the theory and practice of the Romantic novel, and of Eichendorff's other works. His conception of the «Roman» is shown to correspond closely to Romantic theory and to find expression in his novels, which reflect in their structure both the seeming confusion of life and its underlying, God-given order, and thereby point beyond themselves to a transcendent significance.
Contents: The Theory of the Novel in the German Romantic Movement and its Significance for Eichendorff - The Structural Framework and Foundations of Eichendorff's Novels - The Narrator - Time - Interpolations - Imagery.