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Roman Catholic/Pentecostal Dialogue (1977-1982): A Study in Developing Ecumenism


Jerry L. Sandidge

Vatican II opened the doors of the Roman Catholic Church for official theological dialogue with «separated brethren.» The rise of the neo-Pentecostal movement and charismatic renewal caused the doors of the historical Pentecostals to open toward Christians in the mainline churches. This book discusses the historical precedents of the Vatican/Pentecostal Dialogue and reviews the ten-years Dialogue (1972-1982), with special attention given to the second five years. The implications of this Dialogue for ecumenism is also discussed. Volume Two contains all the documents from the second quinquennium, including the 16 theological papers and final report.
Contents: The historical precedents to dialogue - Preliminary meetings and first quinquennium (1972-1976) - Details of the second quinquennium (1976-1982) - Evaluation of the ten-year Dialogue - Implications for Christian unity.