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Anaesthesia Notebook for Medical Auxiliaries

With Special Reference to Anaesthesia Practice in Developing Countries


Georg Kamm, Peter Witton and Lweno Hatibu

The intention of this book is to provide the knowledge needed for medical auxiliaries performing anaesthesia in developing countries. Georg Kamm - friend and former student of Prof. Rudolf Frey - has gathered his experience over the years teaching the theory and practice of modern anaesthesiology under difficult conditions and in a culturally alien environment. In this part of the world anaesthesia methods must be simple and cheap but also reliable and safe. Therefore, much emphasis is put on appropriate anaesthesia practice: ether-in-air-anaesthesia using draw-over vaporisers in a semi-open system, the use of Ketamine and simple methods of regional blockade with their modifications for various surgical specialities. This book further includes chapters about anatomy and physiology of the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems, about the pharmacology of anaesthetic agents, about preoperative evaluation and their impact on anaesthesia, a short review of emergency treatment, critical care and the psychological problems of the native patient confronted with modern technology.