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Corpora and Discourse

Proceedings of "CamConf 2002</I>- Università degli Studi di Camerino, Centro Linguistico d’Ateneo- Sept 27 th -29 th 2002


Alan Partington, John Morley and Louann Haarman

Contents: Alan Partington: Corpora and discourse, a most congruous beast – Douglas Biber/Eniko Csomay/James K. Jones/Casey Keck: Vocabulary-based discourse units in university registers – Eniko Csomay: A Multi-dimensional analysis of discourse segments in university classroom talk – Anthony Baldry/Christopher Taylor: Multimodal concordancing and subtitles with MCA – Louann Haarman: «John, what’s going on?» Some features of live exchanges on television news – Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli: Walking on unfamiliar ground: Interactive discourse markers in guest lectures – Virginia Pulcini/Cristiano Furiassi: Spoken interaction and discourse markers in a corpus of learner English – Silvia Bruti: Paraphrase types in the Pavia biology corpus: Some appositional constructions – Maria Pavesi: Perspective and dynamicity in static spatial description: The case of fictive motion in a corpus of biology textbooks – Susan Hunston: Counting the uncountable: Problems of identifying evaluation in a text and in a corpus – Giuliana Diani: Evaluation in Academic Review Articles – Amanda C. Murphy: A hidden or unobserved presence? Impersonal evaluative structures in English and Italian and their wake – Linda Lombardo: That-clauses and reporting verbs as evaluation in TV news – John Morley: The Sting in the tail: Persuasion in English editorial discourse – Anna-Brita Stenström: What is going on between speakers – Stefania Biscetti: Using corpus techniques to study pragmatic meaning: The case of bloody – Annamaria Caimi: The pragmatic function of conditional subordinators in the Treaties of the European Union: Examples from an English/Italian specialized corpus based study – Maurizio Gotti: Prediction in Early Modern English: A comparison between SHALL and WILL – Polly Walsh: Throwing light on prediction: Insights from a corpus of financial news articles – Giuliana Garzone/Francesca Santulli: What can Corpus Linguistics do for Critical Discourse Analysis? – Francesca Vaghi/Marco Venuti: Metaphor and the Euro – Michael Hoey: Lexical priming and the properties of text.