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Futures of Education II

Essays from an Interdisciplinary Symposium

Jürgen Oelkers

Contents: Jürgen Oelkers: Introduction – John Field: Lifelong Learning: Concepts and Research – David Raffe: Bringing Academic Education and Vocational Training Closer Together – Uwe Lauterbach in cooperation with Wolfgang Hellwig: Occupational Mobility and Mobility in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET): An International Comparison – Kenneth King: The International Steering of Education Systems: The Case of the World Bank in the Fields of Work, Education and Occupation – Anja Heikkinen: Transformation of Vocational Education in the Gender Perspective – Volker Bank: Problems of Planning and Control in Educational Processes – David Tyack/Benjamin Justice: Vocational Education in the U.S.: Some Historical Perspectives – Stephen J. Ball: Education for Profit and Standards in Education: The Ethical Role of Markets and the Private Sector in State Systems – Philipp Gonon: The Educationalisation of Occupations, Further Education and Training - The Requiem Programme of Education – Rudolf Tippelt: The Task of Adult Education – Stephen F. Hamilton/Mary Agnes Hamilton: Learning by Teaching: How Instructing Apprentices Affects Adult Workers – Nel Noddings: Preparing for Work – Michael Barber: From Good to Great: Large-Scale Education Reform in England – Rita Süssmuth: Globalisation and its Impact on Education – Peter Meyer-Dohm: Education and Employment in the Globalisation Age.