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Karl Barth’s Reception in Korea

Focusing on Ecclesiology in Relation to Korean Christian Thought


Kim Young-Gwan

This book describes the unique relationship between Christianity and Confucianism. Korean Confucianism played an important role in the explosive growth of the Christian community and provided a basic foundation for the reception of Barth’s theology in Korea. The author analyses whether Barth’s ecclesiology, especially his theology of mission, pays sufficient attention to different cultures and religions; and whether Barth’s Christocentric theology is compatible with Korean Confucianism.
Contents: The Reception of Karl Barth’s Theology in Korea – An Account of The History and Development of Christianity in Korea and The Role of Confucianism in its Rapid Growth – The Characteristics of Karl Barth’s Theology and His Christocentric Ecclesiology – The Indigenization of Karl Barth’s Christocentric Ecclesiology in Korean Christian Thought: Sung-Bum Yun’s Theology of Sung.