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Mount Athos the Sacred Bridge

The Spirituality of the Holy Mountain

Dimitri Conomos and Graham Speake

Most of the papers included in this volume were first presented at a conference convened by the Friends of Mount Athos at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, in 2003. Mount Athos is the principal surviving centre of Orthodox monasticism and the spiritual heart of the Orthodox world. The aims of the conference were to draw attention to the historic importance, the spirituality, and the religious legacy of the Holy Mountain and to shed light on the contribution made by Athonite monasticism not only to worldwide Orthodoxy but also to Christianity at large. Many of the papers focus on particular individuals who from the fourteenth century to the twentieth have exemplified the spiritual traditions of Athos and whose memory as spiritual fathers, confessors, and ascetics continues to inspire their successors today.
Contents: Dimitri Conomos/Graham Speake: Introduction – Nikolaos Hatzinikolaou: Distinctive Features of Athonite Spirituality – Andrew Louth: St Gregory Palamas and the Holy Mountain – Kallistos Ware: St Nikodimos and the Philokalia Sister Magdalen: St Silouan, a Modern Athonite Saint – Nicholas Sakharov: St Silouan the Athonite and Archimandrite Sophrony – Archimandrite Ephraim: Elder Joseph the Hesychast: A Universal Image of Holiness – Archimandrite Elisaios: The Spiritual Tradition of Simonopetra – Alexander Golitzin: Topos Theou: The Monastic Elder as Theologian and as Theology. An Appreciation of Archimandrite Aimilianos.