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Teaching in Moral and Democratic Education


Wiel Veugelers and Fritz Oser

The task of education, and in particular the role of teachers, is seen as crucial in preparing young people for society. The authors of this volume argue for a critical democratic citizenship in which students combine autonomy and critical thinking with justice and social care. The contributors to this volume are leading researchers in the field of moral and democratic education and they all combine profound theoretical foundations with empirical research that can help practitioners in their pedagogical actions.
The first three articles focus on values and what students might learn from them. An important question is what students can learn from moral mistakes. The second part of the book focuses on the role of teachers in moral and democratic education. What is their pedagogical professionalism and how can that be strengthened by teacher education and by collaborative action research? The third part looks at the development of moral and democratic education in schools. It shows how schools can stimulate the development of students’ values with regard to critical democratic citizenship.
Contents: Wiel Veugelers/Fritz K. Oser: Introduction – Fritz K. Oser: On Becoming Moral: How Negative Experience Can Inspire the Moral Person – Darcia Narvaez/Leilani Endicott/Tonia Bock: Who Should I Become? Citizenship, Goodness, Human Flourishing, and Ethical Expertise – Kirsi Tirri: The Teacher’s Integrity – Tryvge Bergem: The Quest for Teacher Professionalism: The Importance of Commitment – Cees A. Klaassen: Thinking about Pedagogy in Late Modernity. Child-rearing objectives of teachers, student teachers and parents – Sharon Nodie Oja: Collaborative Action Research and Social Role Taking – Wolfgang Althof: Implementing ‘Just and Caring Communities’ in Elementary Schools: A Deweyan Perspective – Maria Rosa Buxarrias/Miquel Martínez/Elena Noguera/Amelia Tey: Teachers Evaluate the Moral Development of their Students – Wiel Veugelers/Ewoud de Kat: Moral and Democratic Education in Secondary Schools.