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Adults in Higher Education

Learning from Experience in the New Europe

Robin Mark, Mireille Pouget and Edward Thomas

This book is the result of research carried out by the partners in the Adults Learning and Participating in Education (ALPINE) Project, a project that is principally concerned with increasing the amount of adult education provided by European universities. It begins by outlining the current debate about widening participation in institutions of higher education in general and identifying issues within the context of the policy that is being developed for this sector in Europe. It continues with a description of the position in each of the selected countries in Central and Western Europe. Experienced adult education practitioners from twenty European countries have each determined the nature and extent of the current provision of adult higher education in their own country. Two final chapters of analysis and conclusions complete this survey which is the most extensive of its type that has yet been carried out in Europe.
Contents: Robin Mark: Increasing Adult Participation in Higher Education – Anne-Marie André/Geneviève Cochez: Adults in Belgian Higher Education – Rossica Betcheva: Adults in Bulgarian Higher Education – Miloslava Chovancová/Andras Chernel: Adults in Czech Higher Education – Aune Valk: Adults in Estonian Higher Education – Jyri Manninen/Tina Engblom: Adults in Finnish Higher Education – Guy Arquembourg/Arnaud Haeringer: Adults in French Higher Education – Martin Beyersdorf: Adults in German Higher Education – Athina Sipitanou: Adults in Greek Higher Education – Anikó Kálmán: Adults in Hungarian Higher Education – Patricia-Anne Moore: Adults in Irish Higher Education – Margrit Wetter: Adults in Italian Higher Education – Ineta Kristovska: Adults in Latvian Higher Education – Daiva Dumčiuvienė/Marius Mikulėnas/Danguolė Rutkauskienė: Adults in Lithuanian Higher Education – Dimtcho Tourdanov: Adults in Polish Higher Education – Nilza Costa/Pedro Mantas/Luís Marques: Adults in Portuguese Higher Education – Ion Olteanu/Valentin Oprea: Adults in Romanian Higher Education – Ján Porvazník/Marína Hučková: Adults in Slovakian Higher Education – Margerita Zagmajster: Adults in Slovenian Higher Education – Ebba Ossiannilsson: Adults in Swedish Higher Education – Michael Osborne: Adults in British Higher Education – Mireille Pouget: New Opportunities and Challenges – Edward Thomas: European Higher Education for Adults, an Overview.