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The Concept of Progression in the Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages

Theo Harden, Arnd Witte and Dirk Köhler

This volume is based on the selected proceedings from an international conference ‘Concept of Progression in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning’ held in Dublin in February 2004.
Although progression always has been at the centre of any methodology of teaching and learning foreign language, there has been surprisingly little published on the concept of progression. Since the inclusion of the pragmatic and socio-cultural context into foreign language teaching methodologies, the concept of progression has broadened considerably: it is no longer restricted any more to structural elements of the foreign language (i.e. grammar) but it includes a functional-notional progression, a cultural progression, a lexical progression, a progression of text types, a mental progression, a progression of exercises and classroom activities. The articles in this volume address the multifaceted nature of progression in foreign language teaching and learning from various angles.
Contents: Theo Harden/Arnd Witte: Introduction – Theo Harden: Progression in Foreign Language Learning: Subjective Experience and Objective Demands – Hans Barkowski: Grammatical Competence and the Concept of Progression in the Light of Research on Language Acquisition and the Working Brain – Elke Hentschel: Progression by Regression – Barbara Schmenk: CALL, Self-access and Learner Autonomy: A Linear Process from Heteronomy to Autonomy? – Nigel B. R. Reeves: ‘Pathways to Proficiency’. Language Proficiency Scales and Progression in Language Learning: Help or Hindrance? – Muiris Ó Laoire: 13-16 Years Learning Irish as an L2 - A Challenge for a Linear Concept of Progression – Ruth Pilkington: Progression when Learning Languages: The Contribution Made by Portfolios – Heidemarie Sarter: Multilingualism and the Foreign Language Lesson: Progression in Learner Autonomy through General Language Work – Marianne Zappen-Thomson: Is the Journey from A to B in the Context of Foreign Language Teaching in Namibia a Linear one? – Lothar Bredella: The Concept of Progression in Understanding Literary Texts – Arnd Witte: Cultural Progression in Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages – Anne Marie Lysaght: The Progression of Cultural Education in the Irish Second Level German Language Classroom – Dirk Köhler: Toward Facilitating Socio-pragmatic Competence in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning – Harald Weydt: Progression in Polyglots’ Language Learning – Dietmar Rösler: Transgressing Progression through E-Learning? – John Morley/Sandra Truscott: Fluency Development in Advanced Language Learners – Sorin Gadeanu: What Progression Level Can Buy High Proficiency Second Language Acquisition? A Case Study on Language Choice in a Multilingual Minority Shelter Programme – Martin Howard: Progression in Second Language Learning: The Case of the Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Variation – Heidi Zojer: Progression: Michel Thomas’ Way.