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Transforming the World

Bringing the New Age into Focus

Stuart Rose

This study provides a comprehensive and balanced view of the New Age through formal studies and original research. Equal attention is accorded to practices and institutions illustrating the New Age as a concrete, living enterprise, not merely a philosophy. The book offers a thorough study of major writings by British, American and other commentators, detailed ethnographic testimony, and a broad survey of the New Age phenomenon in all its aspects.
Contents: Focusing on the New Age, its central ideas and main qualities – Recent history, the counter-culture, literary influences – Human Potential Movement – New Age women – Social and demographic characteristics of participants, drug use, paranormal influences – Levels and categories of participant involvement – Six essential concepts defined – New Age spirituality – Healing and health, practices, therapists, efficacy – New Age community, politics, economics, ecology – Ethnographic report of a 5-day healing workshop – The critics, Christian, the academe, Paul Heelas, Christopher Lasch and Ken Wilber – Consistencies and inconsistencies between the players and critics.