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Formal and Functional Perspectives on Tense and Related Categories


Christian Heyde Petersen

This book explores the gap that has developed between two sides in linguistics: the formal tradition and the functional tradition. It discusses fundamental issues such as tense, aspect and action by examining and comparing insights from the two traditions with a view to determining whether there are any possibilities of future bridge-building between the two approaches.
This study focuses on comparing the actual output of different linguistic approaches and examines their ‘usefulness’. A major aim is, therefore, to evaluate and identify the most useful approach.

BIC Classifications

  • Language (C)
    • linguistics (CF)
      • Philosophy of language (CFA)
      • Semantics, discourse analysis, etc (CFG)
      • Grammar, syntax & morphology (CFK)
  • Literature & literary studies (D)
    • Literature: history & criticism (DS)
      • Literary studies: general (DSB)
        • Literary studies: from c 1900 - (DSBH)

BISAC Classifications

  • Foreign Language Study (FOR)
    • FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY / English as a Second Language (FOR007000)
  • Language Arts & Disciplines (LAN)
    • LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / General (LAN000000)
    • LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Grammar & Punctuation (LAN006000)
    • LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / General (LAN009000)
    • LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Linguistics / Semantics (LAN016000)

THEMA Classifications

  • Language & Linguistics (C)
    • Linguistics (CF)
      • Philosophy of language (CFA)
      • Semantics, discourse analysis, stylistics (CFG)
      • Grammar, syntax & morphology (CFK)
  • Language qualifiers (2)
    • Indo-European languages (2A)
      • Germanic & Scandinavian languages (2AC)
        • English (2ACB)