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From Wordsworth to Stevens

Essays in Honour of Robert Rehder

Anthony Mortimer

On the occasion of Robert Rehder’s seventieth birthday, this Festschrift pays tribute to a forceful and inspiring teacher who is both a poet himself and the author of major studies on Wordsworth and Wallace Stevens. The contributions reflect the range of Rehder’s achievement with essays on Wordsworth and his contemporaries, on the American poets who have been at the centre of his teaching (Whitman, Dickinson, William Carlos Williams), and on recent figures such as Thom Gunn, and Seamus Heaney. It concludes with some appreciations of Robert Rehder’s own poetry. This volume addresses all those who are concerned with poetry in the age of Wordsworth, with the poetry of our own age, and with the continuities between them.
Robert Rehder has been Professor of American and English Literature at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, since 1985.
Contents: Michael O’Neill: Silent Thought: Wordsworth, Suffering, and Inexpressibility – Stuart Lasine: Wordsworth Brooding Over Elijah: Immortality, Death and Narcissism – Anthony Mortimer: Wordsworth as a Translator from Italian – Anthony Mortimer: Two Poems Translated from the Italian – Stanley Corngold: The Thought of Don Juan – Patrick H. Vincent: Beachy Head: Charlotte Smith’s All-Encompassing View – Paul Hamilton: Poetic Astonishment: a Romantic Genealogy – Bernhard Kuhn: Self-Formations: Order and Disorder in Goethe’s Poetry and Truth – Ed Folsom: «Many MS. Doings and Undoings»: Walt Whitman’s Writing of the 1855 Leaves of Grass – Esther Giger: «Superior Instants» and «Bandaged Moments»: Resolution and Dependence in Emily Dickinson – Peter Halter: William Carlos Williams’s Paterson: The Long Poem as Collage – Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese: Correspondences between the Bight and the Desk: The Conceptual Net-work of Elizabeth Bishop’s «The Bight» – Gareth Reeves: Thom Gunn and American Poetry – Gareth Reeves: Poems – Christopher Butler: «Weighing In» with Seamus Heaney, and the Redress of Poetry – Morton D. Paley: John Keats’s Heampstead – Paul Oppenheimer: The Poetry of No Compromises – Paul Oppenheimer: Poems – Peter Porter: The Poetry of Robert Rehder – Peter Porter: Poems.