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The Future of Organised Labour

Global Perspectives

Craig Phelan

This book brings together many of the today’s leading labour scholars to assess the current state and future prospects of organised labour world-wide. It offers analysis of the causes and extent of the movement’s current malaise from a variety of vantage points. It provides eight national and regional studies – China, Britain, France, the US, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Ghana and Cameroon – that detail problems faced and the revitalisation strategies trade unions have pursued in response. It also offers fresh scholarly perspectives on a host of pressing labour issues: the extent and impact of global corporate restructuring; the ongoing fight to achieve core labour standards; the enduring importance of gender and diversity; the fortunes of the international labour movement; the relationship between trade unions and NGOs; the intellectual response to organised labour’s present predicament; and the role of labour in the global social justice movement. With its expansive focus and interdisciplinary approach, this collection will stand as a starting point for any investigation into the status of organised labour in the contemporary world.
Contents: Dan Gallin: Foreword – Craig Phelan: The Future of Organised Labour – Bill Dunn: Globalisation, Labour and the State – Mark Anner: The Paradox of Labour Transnationalism: Trade Union Campaigns for Labour Standards in International Institutions – Sue Ledwith: The Future as Female? Gender, Diversity and Global Labour Solidarity – Ronaldo Munck: Globalisation, Labour and the ‘Polanyi Problem’ – Peter Waterman: Trade Unions, NGOs, and Global Social Justice: Another Tale to Tell – Rob Lambert: An Early Phase of Transition: Global Corporations and the Reconfiguration of Trade Union Power – Steve Jefferys: Forward to the Past? Ideology and Trade Unionism in France and Britain – Dan Clawson: US Labour and the Neoliberal Challenge: Destruction or a New Upsurge? – Anita Chan: Realities and Possibilities for Chinese Trade Unionism – David Ost: After Postcommunism: Legacies and the Future of Unions in Eastern Europe – Andréia Galvão: Trade Unions and Neoliberal Politics in Brazil – Piet Konings: African Trade Unions and the Challenge of Globalisation: A Comparative Study of Ghana and Cameroon.