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Interdisciplinary Yearbook of Business Ethics

Volume 1, 2006


Edited By Laszlo Zsolnai

This volume comprises the work of twenty scholars and practitioners from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Contributors represent a diversity of fields including organizational science, economics, systems theory, personality psychology, business ethics, finance, management, philosophy, political science, sociology, and ecology. All the papers stand for a more human and ethical approach to economics and business.
The first part contains challenging papers on the myth of rationality, corporate social responsibility, critical pragmatism, moral disengagement mechanisms, and ethical decision-making. The papers listed under ‘Innovative Practices and Policy Reforms’ address issues of authenticity in business, sustainable investments, ethical consumerism, and happiness in economics. The Opinions section focuses on the ecological sustainability of business. The Debate section concentrates on the ethics management paradox, which states that opportunistic ethical initiatives fail. Only genuine ethics works in business.
Contents: James G. March: The Myth of Rationality – Stefano Zamagni: Ethical Anchoring of Corporate Social Responsibility – Werner Ulrich: Critical Pragmatism: A New Approach to Professional and Business Ethics – Gian Vittorio Caprara/Christina Capanna: Moral Disengagement in the Exercise of Civic-ness – Laszlo Zsolnai: Ethical Decision Making – David Boyle: Authenticity – Robert Earhart: The Maturation of Sustainable Investment – Zsolt Boda/Emese Gulyas: The Ethical Consumerism Movement – Frank Dixon: Gross National Happiness - Improving Unsustainable Western Economic Systems – John M. Gowdy: Sustainable Business Requires a Social Support System – Ananda Das Gupta: Sustainability and Business from an Indian Perspective – Richard B. Norgaard: Corporate Sustainability: Impossible Alone, Participation Essential, Leadership Needed – Diana Schumacher: The Principles of Sustainability – Karl-Henrik Robert: Social, Ecological, and Economic Sustainability - Risks, Challenges and Strategies – Luk Bouckaert: The Ethics Management Paradox – Henk van Luijk: Facing the Ethics Management Paradox – Ronald Berenbeim: Finding Space to Discuss Ethics – G.J. Rossouw: A Response to Bouckaert’s Ethics Management Paradox – Robert Allinson: The Paradox of Business – Luk Bouckaert: When More Ethics Create Less Ethics - Some Further Clarifications on the Ethics Management Paradox.