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Wages and Currency

Global Comparisons from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century


Jan Lucassen

Contents: Jan Lucassen/Arent Pol: Preface – Jan Lucassen: Introduction: Wages and Currency, 500 BCE - 2000 CE – Helen Wang: Official Salaries and Local Wages in Juyan, North-West China, First Century BCE to First Century CE – Johan van Heesch: Some Aspects of Wage Payments and Coinage in Ancient Rome, First to Third Centuries CE – Arjan van Aelst: A South-Chinese Currency Zone between the Twelfth and Nineteenth Centuries – Yoshiaki Shikano: Currency, Wage Payments, and Large Funds Settlement in Japan, 1600-1868 – Willem G. Wolters: How Were Labourers Paid in the Philippine Islands during the Nineteenth Century? – Jan Luiten van Zanden: Linking Two Debates: Money Supply, Wage Labour and Economic Development in Java in the Nineteenth Century – Alan M. Stahl: Coins for Trade and for Wages: The Development of Coinage Systems in Medieval Venice – Nicholas Mayhew: Wages and Currency: The Case in Britain up to c. 1600 – Jan Lucassen: Wage Payments and Currency Circulation in the Netherlands from 1200 to 2000 – John TePaske: Early Spanish Colonial Mints: Mexico, Santo Domingo, Lima, Potosí – Najaf Haider: Structure and Movement of Wages in the Mughal Empire, 1500-1700 – Om Prakash: Long Distance Trade, Coinage and Wages in India, 1600-1960 – Jan Lucassen: The Logistics of Wage Payments: Changing Patterns in Northern India in the 1840s – Craig Muldrew: Wages and the Problem of Monetary Scarcity in Early Modern England.