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Reflective Practice in Teacher Education

Learning from Case Studies of Environmental Education

Regula Kyburz-Graber, Paul Hart, Peter Posch and Ian Robotton

This book is focused on ten action research and evaluative case studies in environmental education carried out by teacher educators and teachers. The case studies range across five European countries: Austria, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. They are followed by cross-case comparisons which explore issues emerging from the documented reflective practice: aims of environmental education in the educational policy context of the countries, their relationship to the disciplines and the traditional knowledge transmission position, the role of action research approaches for innovation and reflection, and institutional conditions of collaboration in teacher education.
This international case study project is research based in adopting professional development approaches that are informed by action research principles. It represents examples of innovation that challenge established practice in schools and teacher education institutions. It provides study material for all who attempt to describe, change and improve their own education practices and who want to adopt an action research approach to professional or program development.
Contents: John Elliott: Foreword – Réka Bereczky: Implementing Cross-Curricular Themes – Hugo Caviola/Regula Kyburz-Graber: Project i: Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development in Upper Secondary Schools – Anders Claesson/Maria Pettersson: Sustainable Development in Focus - A Ten-Week Course in Teacher Training – Doris Elster: Interdisciplinary Environmental Education within the Training of Teachers for Biology and Physics Development and Evaluation of a Practical Course at the University of Vienna – Mária Füzné Kószó: Many-Sided Evaluation through Action Research and Environmental Education in the Practice of Teacher Education – Barbro Gustafsson: An Interdisciplinary Course in Sustainability for all Teacher Students in Växjö, Sweden – Michela Mayer: Ecosustainability and Quality in the School System: Schools and Environmental Education Centres as Partners in an Action Research Process – Friedrich Palencsar/Heribert Altziebler: Cooperation in Teacher Education between University and Schools - the First Five Years – Franz Radits/Kurt Allabauer: Complex Environmental Knowledge in Teacher Education - Learning and Studying Across Subjects – Martin Scheuch/Günther Pass/Franz M. Grünweis/Thomas Wrbka: The Interdisciplinary Project «Expedition to Cultural Landscapes». A Teacher Education Module for Nature Experience and Environmental Education – Peter Posch: Research Issues in Environmental Education – Regula Kyburz-Graber/Ian Robottom: The OECD-ENSI Project and its Relevance for Teacher Training Concepts in Environmental Education – Ian Robottom: Constructivism in Environmental Education beyond Conceptual Change Theory – Regula Kyburz-Graber: Does Case-Study Methodology Lack Rigour? The Need for Quality Criteria for Sound Case-Study Research, as Illustrated by a Recent Case in Secondary and Higher Education.