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The Moral Debate on Special Education


Bernardo E. Pohl

The fusion of critical pedagogy, holistic (moral) education, and disability studies continues to be uncharted waters and, in some academic venues, a hotly contested topic. A discourse advocating for a liberating pedagogy for the disabled is still absent. Based on critical and moral pedagogy, The Moral Debate on Special Education is the self-narrative of a disabled special education teacher who is searching for the answers and spaces where this dialogue and narrative can take place. What started as mere research for social justice in education has morphed, unintentionally, into the moral quest for justice and equality in special education. Celebrating the legacy of Paulo Freire, Joe L. Kincheloe, Shirley Steinberg, David Purpel, Peter McLaren, Cameron White, Michael Connelly, Jean Clandinin, and other contemporaries, Bernardo E. Pohl, Jr. delves into the tensions, promises, and challenges of special education from the unique perspective of a disabled educator.
Contents: The Moral Debate – A Note On My Journey – When Schools Don’t Work – The Social Educator – The Search For The Poetic Teacher – Caring For The Whole Child – The Search For The Full-Lived Curriculum – My Microscopic View – Pedagogy Of Affection – Obstacles To Consciousness – Conscientization Of The Disabled – Pedagogy Of The Disabled – My Inquiry – Social Voices – My Narrative – My Narrative – Subject Matter And Milieu – The Field With The Mango Trees – The Disabled In Me – The Early Days – Jobless For The Second Time – Full-Time Teaching – The Moral And Spiritual Reflection – Final Reflection.