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Radio Cultures

The Sound Medium in American Life

Michael C. Keith

Radio Cultures examines the manifold ways in which radio has influenced the nation’s social and cultural environment since its inception nearly a century ago. Written by leading scholars in the field, chapters address a wide range of topics, including how this powerful medium has impacted and affected non-mainstream segments of the population throughout its history and how these repressed and neglected groups have employed radio to counter and overcome discrimination and bias. The use of the audio medium for political, economic, and religious purposes is comprehensively probed and analyzed in this insightful and innovative volume.
Contents: Frank Chorba: Foreword – Michael C. Keith: Introduction – Susan Brinson: Radio’s Covenant: The Regulatory Failure of Minority Ownership of Broadcast Radio Facilities – Donald Browne: Speaking in Our Own Tongues: Linguistic Minority Radio in the United States – Roberto Avant-Mier: Heard It on the X: Border Radio As Public Discourse and the Latino Legacy in Popular Music – Bruce Smith: Voices on the Rez: Native American Radio – Donna Halper: Speaking for Themselves: How Radio Brought Women into the Public Sphere – Phylis Johnson: The Howl That Could Not Be Silenced: The Rise of Queer Radio – Larry Miller: Underground Radio: A Voice from the Purple Haze – Tona J. Hangen: Speaking of God, Listening for Grace: Christian Radio and Its Audiences – Elizabeth Fones-Wolf: Broadcasting Unionism: Labor and FM Radio in Postwar America – Corey Flintoff: The Public’s Radio: All Things on the Dial – Louise Benjamin: Indecency and Radio Programming, 1927 to 2000: A Reflection of Their Times – Robert L. Hilliard: Band of Hate: Rancor on the Radio – Peter Laufer: Talk Nation: Turn Down Your Radio – Douglas Craig: Political Waves: Radio and Politics, 1920-1940 – Lawrence C. Soley: Community Renegades: Micro-radio and the Unlicensed Radio Movement – Cindy Welch: Librarians of the Airwaves: Reading in the Ether – Barbara Calabrese: Radio and Culture: The Modern Curriculum – Michael C. Keith: Writing About Radio: A Survey of Cultural Studies in Radio – Christopher H. Sterling: Slow Fade? Seeking Radio’s Future.