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Socio-ecological Change in Rural Ethiopia

Understanding Local Dynamics in Environmental Planning and Natural Resource Management

Edited By Till Stellmacher

Socio-ecological change is characterized by interactions among a wide range of actors with different interests, needs and capabilities. Environmental planning has to contribute to the coalescence of local realities, multi-stakeholder land-use planning and policy making. Contributing to this discourse, this book presents empirical local case studies from Ethiopia that illustrate socio-ecological change in the form of rural livelihood transformation. Various approaches to environmental planning and natural resource management are depicted that can be used as lessons learned in similar contexts in Ethiopia and beyond.

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  • Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning (R)
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    • Regional & area planning (RP)
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    • Agriculture & farming (TV)
      • Agricultural science (TVB)

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  • Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning (R)
    • Geography (RG)
    • Regional & area planning (RP)
  • Technology, Engineering, Agriculture (T)
    • Agriculture & farming (TV)
      • Agricultural science (TVB)