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Spotlights on Russian and Balkan Slavic Cultural History


Edited By Alexandra Ioannidou and Christian Voss

This volume comprises various contributions from Slavonic Studies at the interface of Linguistics, Literature, Art and Cultural Studies with a focus on the history, situation and perception of Slavonic issues in Greece as well as the Russian avant-garde of the 20th century.

1. Setting the Agenda: Slavic Studies in the 21st century - Klaus Steinke: On the Importance of the Slavonic Languages in Europe after 1989 - Lew N. Zybatow: EuroComSlav: Slavic Languages for a Multilingual Europe of the Future - 2. Migration and Linguistic Hybridity - Kira Kaurinkoski : Gendered Migration Patterns and Experiences of Ukrainian Immigrants in Greece - Dieter Stern: What Kind of Pidgin is Taimyr Pidgin Russian? - 3. Perceptions of Slavs in Greece - Spyros Marchetos: A Slav Macedonian Greek Fascist? Deciphering the Ethnicophrosyne of Sotirios Gotzamanis - Tasos Kostopoulos: Naming the Other: From “Greek Bulgarians” to “Local Macedonians” - Vemund Aarbakke: Myth and Fantasy in the Greek Discourse on the Domestic Slav Vernacular - Raymondos Alvanos: Conflicting Perceptions of Slavic in Greek Macedonia during the Interwar Years - 4. Early Soviet Cinema - Stavros Alifragkis / François Penz: Man with the Movie Camera – Constructing Visions of Happiness in the Ideal Socialist City of the Future - Panayiota Mini: Vsevolod Pudovkin’s Chess-Fever (1925) in its Historical Context - 5. Literature and Art - Mirjam Goller. Last Exit Humankind? New Anthropological Aspects in Literary Interpretation and Theory - Katerina Mavromichali: Art into Production. The Role and Function of Porcelain from the George Costakis’ Collection - Maria Tsantsanoglou: The Truth of Art and the Art of Pravda - Syrago Tsiara: Revising Socialist Realism. An Introduction to its Historiography