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Leap into Action Companion

Critical Performative Pedagogies in Art & Design Education

Edited By Lee Campbell

This companion to Leap into Action: Critical Performative Pedagogies in Art & Design Education extends the research and the argumentation addressed in the monograph and provides (further) practical insight into how one might apply performative pedagogy in class, including what performative teaching and learning looks like day to day and what technoparticipation entails. This publication operates as an instruction manual on the sophisticated deployment of performative strategies in practice. Each contribution embraces an easy-to-follow presentation style that starts with a contextual introduction outlining a specific innovative pedagogic performative strategy. The strategy is then laid out as a set of instructions (think Fluxus for teachers), with self-reflective discussion to conclude. This echoes a three-stage learning process: Anticipation, Action and Analysis, a reflective model of practice for you to use and adapt to suit your own practice trajectories.

BIC Classifications

  • The arts (A)
    • The arts: general issues (AB)
      • Theory of art (ABA)

BISAC Classifications

  • Art (ART)
    • ART / General (ART000000)
    • ART / Conceptual (ART008000)
    • ART / History / General (ART015000)
    • ART / Asian (ART019000)

THEMA Classifications

  • The Arts (A)
    • Fine arts: treatments & subjects (AG)
      • History of art (AGA)
    • Performing arts (AT)