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Reframing Realities through Translation


Edited By Ali Almanna and Juan José Martínez Sierra

This volume affords an opportunity to reconsider international connections and conflicts from the specific standpoint of translation as a dynamic, sociocultural activity, carried out and influenced by numerous stakeholders. The various chapters contained in this volume survey a wide range of languages and cultures, and they all pivot around the relationships that can be established between translation and ideology, re-narration, identity, cultural representation and knowledge reproduction. The ultimate aim is to shed light on the actual act of translating in which the self is well-presented and beautified and the other is deformed and made ugly. In this volume, due consideration is given to the main frames (be they characterization, interpretive or identity frames) as well as to the nonverbal factors that play a fundamental role in forming the final shape of the translated product.

CONTENTS: Ali Almanna: Introduction: Translation as a Set of Frames – Joaquim Martin Capdevila: Adaptive Creativity: Restructuring Meaning, Language, and Identity in Translation – Claudia Alborghetti: Sicilian Twerps and Afghan Boys: Translating Identity Issues into English from Italian Children’s Literature in 1966 and 2011 – Valeria Reggi: Negotiating Identity in Self-Translation: Stereotyping and National Character in the Speeches in English of Italy’s Ex-Prime Minister Matteo Renzi – John Moreton: Translating Saddam: Some Problems of Ideology, Mediation and Manipulation in Arabic into English Translation – Nael F. M. Hijjo/Kais Amir Kadhim: Realities Reframed through Translation: The Case of MEMRI’s English Translations of the Arabic Editorials on Daesh – Chonglong Gu: The Metadiscursive (Re)framing of Fact, Truth and Reality in Interpreted Political Discourse: A Corpus-based CDA on the Premier’s Press Conferences in China – Shabnam Saadat: Translational Reconstruction of Realities: A Structurationist Approach – María del Mar Rivas-Carmona: Ethics in the Translation of Food Labels – Uchenna Oyali: Bible Translation and the Reconceptualization of the Universe: Negotiating the Christian and Traditional Igbo Conceptualizations of Life after Death – Andrew Samuel Walsh: Roy Campbell’s Translations of Lorca: An Appreciation or an Appropriation?