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Temporal expression in nominals: tripartite deictics in the Bulgarian Rhodope dialects


Davide Fanciullo

The volume presents the analysis of the tripartite deictics in the Bulgarian Rhodope dialect (Slavic), namely the use of the three definite forms -s, -t and -n with nominals. The author explores the domain of temporal value in the nominal structure in other languages, mostly non-Indo European, in order to comprehend the relation between speaker, addressee, temporal interpretation and consequences on morphosyntax. He demonstrates that the choice of temporality and semantic values of the deictics in the Rhodope dialect is based on cognitive and contextual factors. Data, including first-hand, are supported by qualitative and quantitative analysis. The aim of this research is to contribute to the theory building process of the temporal expression in nominals, which may be useful in typological perspective.

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