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China and the EU in the Era of Regional and Interregional Cooperation


Edited By Mario Telo and Yuan Feng

This book is the outcome of a multi-annual study of Chinese and European research institutions that addresses the partnership between the EU and China and its political and economic implications.

The book’s distinct focus is to situate this multipurpose relationship within the context of the multidisciplinary academic debate about China’s interregional relations with specific regions (i.e. Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, Middle East), notably the Belt and Road initiative (BRI).

Both the economic and political dimensions of the international rise of China are critically analysed, with special attention to opportunities, risks, challenges and controversial issues. The international set of authors uniquely combines academics and decision makers as well as experts and think tank leaders.

The collection includes contributions by Mario Telò, Sun Jisheng, Lin Hongyu, Zhao Jiakun, Wei Ling, Uwe Wissenbach, Feng Yuan, Jean-François Di Meglio, Shi Shiwei, Jürgen Rüland, Fabricio Rodrigues, Sebastian Santander, Wang Jin, Guy Burton, Geoffrey Harris, Jia Ruixia, Zhang Min and Gerald Stahl.

"A truly collaborative project combining stimulating contributions from China and Europe that collectively provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for all those interested in analyzing an ever more complex and important relationship"
Professor Shaun Breslin, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, Co-Editor of The Pacific Review