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Theory and practice in sustainable planning and design

Planning, Design, Applications

Edited By Murat Özyavuz

Global warming and the resulting climate change affect the cities most. With the decrease of rural areas in recent years, migration to cities has increased. With the rapid migration, an orderly structuring occurred in the cities, and as a result, the quality of the urban environment has started to decrease. In order to mitigate this issue, planners and designers have started to use different approaches to make cities more sustainable and livable. This book contains new theories, approaches and practices that scientists devise for physical planning and design.

List of Contributors

Özge İslamoğlu and Aylin Aras

On the Sustainability of the National Architecture Movement Mosque

Typology: Architect Kemalettin’s Mosques

Aslı Altanlar

Scrutinizing the Relationship of Human and Place with the Concept of

Place Attachment on the Axis of Historical Neighborhoods: Example

of Amasya

Duygu Akyol, Doruk Görkem Özkan, and Demet Ülkü Gülpinar Sekban

Rural Landscape Planning in Turkey

Funda Kurak Açici

Evaluation of Sustainability through Historic House Museums

Şengül Yalçinkaya

Sustainability of Architectural Heritage of Recent Era

Pınar Kisa Ovali, Hatice Kiran Çakir, and Damla Atik

Evaluation of Hotel Buildings by Users within the Scope of

Environmental Sustainability (Edirne)

Fürüzan Çelik (Aslan) and Yaşar Menteş

Sustainable Campus Model Proposal to Kırklareli University’s Kayalı


Aziz Cumhur Kocalar and Pınar Kırkık Aydemir

An Analysis of the Interaction between Climate and City

Timur Kaprol

Methodological Trial in Sustainable Architecture: Parasitic Architecture

Oğuz Ateş

The Contribution of Green Infrastructure in Promoting Ecosystem

Services in the Context of Urban Landscape

Özlem Erdoğan

Rational Dimension of Assessing Landscape: Geodesign

Nehar Büyükbayraktar and Nilüfer Kart Aktaş

Cultural Significance of Historic Urban Landscapes and Evaluation of

Conservation Problems: Case Study of Amasya-Hatuniye Quarter

Aysel Yavuz and Habibe Acar

Ecological Trends in Landscape Architecture: Theory, Practice, and


Soner Yeler

Sustainability of Industrial Heritage: The Old Ice Factory Case

Gülcan Minsolmaz Yeler

Learning through Place: Place-Based Design and Education

Approaches in Architectural Design Studio

Aylin Aras and Özge İslamoğlu

On Bjarke Ingels’ Sustainable Architectural Approach

Makbulenur Bekar and Demet Ülkü Gülpinar Sekban

The Effect of Increased Housing on the Neighborhood: Example of

“Trabzon Kalkinma”

Serkan Sınmaz, Seher Erbey, Ahsen Özdemir

Urban Development Zones as a Risk Factor in Sustainable Urban

Planning Process: An Evaluation for Balıkesir-Turkey

Aylin Salici and Ahmet Alper Topaloğlu

Investigation of Urban Tree Canopy as a Component of Green


Fulya Üstün Demirkaya

Innovative Suggestions within the Context of the Sustainability of

Architectural Cultural Heritage

Canan Cengiz and Aybüke Özge Boz

Green City as Smart Environment Strategy

Tuğba Düzenli, Emine Tarakçi1 Eren, and Elif Merve Alpak1

The Affordance Theory in Sustainable Open Space Design: The KTU

Festival Area Case Onur Güngör

Toward Eco-cities: Integrating Forms with Flows

Sennur Akansel

Contemporary Analysis of Design Approaches in Historical

Context: Transformation of an Industry Building into an Exhibition


Hilal Kahveci and Parisa Göker

Understanding of Islamic Garden Culture in Andalusian

Civilization: Case of Generalife, Alhambra, Spain

Sebnem Ertas Besir and Elif Sonmez

Islamkoy Traditional Houses and Building Materials

Özlem Candan Hergül and Gözde Sayin

Urban Design Approaches to Prevent Vandalism and Crime

Elif Karaca

Emotional Landscape Design through Kansei/Affective Engineering

Özge Cordan and Talia Özcan Aktan

Home-Making Process of Syrians through Sustainable and Flexible

Reuse of Existing Building Interiors: The Sultanbeyli Case, Istanbul,


Selver Koç Altuntaş and İrem Bekar

Traces of Local Identıty in Re-functioned Traditional

Residences: Example of Şevket Demirel Museum House

Ali Mülayim

An Examination of the Industrial Structures of the Republic Period in

Terms of Sustainability

Mehmet İnceoğlu and Ahmad Walid Ayoobi

Design Model for Sustainable and Quality Neighborhoods

Ayşen Çoban

A Sustainable Approach to Urban Agriculture: Edible Landscape

Hatice Meltem Gündoğdu and Mete Korhan Özkök

The Evaluation of Planning Policies within the Context of Sustainable

Development Principles in the Case of Tekirdag – Thrace

Elif Şatiroğlu

Sustainable Campus Planning: Suggestions for Sustainable Campus

Design for Recep Tayyiip Erdogan University Fener Campus

Aslı Gözde Gel and Elif Kaya Şahin

The Place and Importance of Urban Squares in Terms of Landscape

Architecture: Example of St. Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy

Elif Kaya Şahin and Aslı Gözde Gel

Edible Wild Plants in Trabzon and Consumption Form of These Plants

İsmet Osmanoğlu

The Sustainable Planning for Cultural Heritage

Ertan Varli

Evaluation of Re-functionalized Historical Structures in Terms of

Social and Cultural Sustainability: Mihran Hanim Mansion

Ezgi Ülker Bariş and Türker Keskin

Positive and Negative Effects of Zoning Regulations and Plan Notes in

Building Space Planning

H. Selma Çelikyay

Empathic Design Approach to Public Space Organization in the Urban


Alev P. Gürbey and Nazlı Kanbur

Hospital Landscape Sustainability: Case Study in Turkey

Ahmet Benliay and Orhun Soydan

Landscape Design for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Case Study of Niğde

Melih Öztürk and Lütfi Ağırtaş

Shading and Cooling Role of Tree Canopies within Urban Forest

Landscapes: Comfort and Recreation

Miray Gür

Family-Friendly Planning as a Symbiotic Policy in Sustainability,

Livability, and Quality of Life Interaction

Berk Minez

Re-functioning of Historical Buildings: “Kutahya Ahierbasan Street”

Beste Karakaya Aytin, Deniz Gözde Ertin, and Murat Özyavuz

Conservation of Cultural Landscapes in Historical Cities: The Case

Study of Edirne Macedonia Tower and Archaeological Site

Nilgun Guneroglu

Landscaping Strategies in Reducing Urban Heat Island Effects

Mahire Özçalik

Water Usage Patternks in Turkish Garden Culture Throughout History

Reva Şermet, Murat Özyavuz, and Suat Çabuk

Physical Planning in University Campuses: The Case Study for

Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University