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A Letter to China

The Age of Postmodernity and Its Heritance

Alberto Castelli

This edited collection brings together a range of essays that examine the maze of Chinese postmodernity. The essays explore the global expansion of capital as a structural crisis represented in art and literature. It ultimately acknowledges the ambiguity of Chinese postmodernity, the overlapping cultural paradigms of Confucian ethics and a capitalist economy, residual of Maoism, socialist relations, and individualist philosophy.

Acknowledgments – Preface The Matrix of Civilizations – The Myth of Progress: Why Did Zheng He Not Go Eastwards? – Western Elements in the Art of Feng Zikai – The Labyrinth of Postmodernity – 1919–2019 China: The May Fourth Prophecy and the Postmodern Turn – Post-Maoist Era and the Westernization of Time – American and Chinese Literature. Behind the Mask of Postmodernism: A National Failure – Female Aesthetics – Women of Realism: Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, and Wang Qiyao – Female Writing in Chinese Postmodern Literature: From Neorealism to Avant-Garde – The Case of Wei Hui and Mian Mian: It Is Not About China – Artistic Maladie – The Absurd Consciousness of Chinese Avant-Garde Art – The Oedipal Fate of Chinese Literary Avant-Garde – Chinese Character List Index.