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Scientific Researches in Health Sciences II

Edited By Fatma Eti Aslan, Gökay KURTULAN and Hayat Yalin

After the COVID pandemic in 2020, the importance of health services was once again understood by the whole world. Scientific research in the field of health services contributes greatly to the development of health services.

In this book, there are a total of 26 chapters in 4 different scientific fields: 6 in nutrition and dietetics, 11 in nursing, 6 in physiotherapy and rehabilitation and 3 in health management.

Grip Strength – Muscle Strength –Adolescent – Physical activity –Neck Pain – Relaxation –Radius –Fracture – Musculoskeletal Disorders – Metal Workers – Physiotherapy – Exercise therapy –Dual-task – Executive function – Aging – Students –Health-related quality of life –Nursing care –Y generation – X generation –Care – compassion – Operating room – patient safety –Dressing Pain – Wound Pain – Disaster Preparedness – Hospital Disaster