Higher Education and Civic Democratic Engagement

How might we interrogate and reimagine the impact of civic, democratic engagement across higher education? This series invites narratives and new studies that critically and creatively explore the possibilities and limitations of civic, democratic engagement within higher education.
The editors seek to gather inclusive, imaginary, transdisciplinary scholarship exploring the impact of next generation civic, democratic engagement from a diverse range of voices. Among others, we hope these voices will include international and indigenous perspectives, members from a diverse array of communities, researchers from across disciplines, teacher-scholars, practitioners and activists, undergraduate and graduate students, politicians, businesses, and different forms of administration.
The editors invite proposals that critically examine historical, cultural, and structural dimensions of impact while exploring innovative strategies for disrupting and recreating more inclusive, liberatory, and plural forms of civic democratic engagement.
The editors welcome and encourage a wide-range of formats including, but not limited to, narrative studies, ethnographies, mixed method studies, case studies, socio-cultural and/or historical analyses, theoretical treatises from multiple theoretical lens as well as reports and toolkits that support efforts to examine the impact of civic democratic engagement.
For inquiries on submitting a proposal should contact the Series Editors
Barry Kanpol (Kanpolb@gvsu.edu) & Danielle Lake (lakeda@gvsu.edu)
with a brief overview of their project, and explanation of how it fits the series, and a current CV.