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Churchill, Roosevelt and the Holocaust



This volume asserts that there was tacit cooperation in the Nazi extermination of the Jewish population of Europe by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Second World War. Although the Allies publicly recognized the Nazi massacre of the Jews in the London Declaration of December 17, 1942, the policies they pursued allowed the genocide to continue. They did so, the author claims, in three ways: (1) refusal to publicly and personally speak about and against the Nazi extermination of the Jews; (2) refusal to commit even one soldier, one plane, or one warship to any forcible opposition to the «Final Solution» throughout the Second World War; and (3) obstruction of Jewish escape from Hitler’s Europe. This book explores the motivation for the policies Churchill and Roosevelt pursued.


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1. Overview 1


Chapter 1: Overview An enormous crime was committed under the auspices of the Nazi regime during the Second World War—the extermination of some six million Jews, including more than one million children. By the beginning of the twenty first century a voluminous literature describing various aspects of this crime has come into being. And yet, more than sixty five years after the fact, one significant omission continues. For Hitler to have succeeded in his policy of murder—given its enormous magnitude both in space and time—he needed the acquiescence and assistance of a world external to his control. In that world none was quite as helpful as two of his principal opponents—Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. The destruction of European Jews in the Second World War rested on two principal pillars. One of these was the Nazis’ morbid interest in the mass murder of the Jews. The other, however, was studious, continued indiffe- rence and some tacit cooperation with that obsession on the part of Nazism’s powerful World War II enemies. The success of the “Final Solution” actually required a degree of Allied assistance as much as it required a concerted effort on the part of Hitler’s Germany. If the principal agent behind the Nazi policy of extermination was Adolf Hitler, his principal counterparts on the Allied side were Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt. No written order by Hitler for the extermination of the Jews has ever been found. No analogous statement testifying to...

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