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Learner corpus profiles

The case of Romanian Learner English


Madalina Chitez

Aiming at exemplifying the methodology of learner corpus profiling, this book describes salient features of Romanian Learner English. As a starting point, the volume offers a comprehensive presentation of the Romanian-English contrastive studies. Another innovative aspect of the book refers to the use of the first Romanian Corpus of Learner English, whose compilation is the object of a methodological discussion. In one of the main chapters, the book introduces the methodology of learner corpus profiling and compares it with existing approaches. The profiling approach is emphasised by corpus-based quantitative and qualitative investigations of Romanian Learner English. Part of the investigation is dedicated to the lexico-grammatical profiles of articles, prepositions and genitives. The frequency-based collocation analyses are integrated with error analyses and extended into error pattern samples. Furthermore, contrasting typical Romanian Learner English constructions with examples from the German and the Italian learner corpora opens the path to new contrastive interlanguage analyses.
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7. Summary



7.1Major achievements and findings

The principal preoccupation of the present study is indisputably the application of the learner corpus profiling approach on Romanian Learner English. This involves the identification, description and interpretation of the RLE distinct characteristics. The adjacent purposes are conditioned by the analysis resources, on the one hand, and the research domain, on the other. Briefly explained, it means that the research on Romanian Learner English roughly depends on the compilation of the Romanian Corpus of Learner English (RoCLE) accompanied (or followed) by the investigation of the lexico-grammatical profiles of Romanian Learner English.

The study on Romanian Lerner English has, as frequently demonstrated and emphasised throughout the book, an immense research potential. That is why approximately everything approached in this study has been either completely unexploited before or it is re-designed in the light of the learner corpus perspective. The outcomes of the RLE research are manifold and range from practical results (e.g. RoCLE) to an innovative learner corpus methodology (e.g. the learner corpus profile). In the following, we will refer to each of these categories in more detail.

As pointed out at the beginning of the book, one of the biggest challenges of the Romanian Learner English analysis was the lack of relevant literature which might have helped set a clearer agenda of the current study. In this context, the research series published in the frame of the 1970’s Romanian-English Contrastive Analysis Project (Chiţoran 1975) became the...

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