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Just Reconciliation

The Practice and Morality of Making Peace


Edited By John R. Elford

Most people desire peace but understand that military intervention is sometimes required as a last resort. This book argues that more attention must therefore be given to the study and practice of post-conflict reconciliation. The essays collected here look at the work of figures such as Marc Ellis, Donald Reeves, Justin Welby and the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ Andrew White, and examines how these individuals portray the different successes and failures of reconciliation in dangerous situations. Other chapters examine the contributions made to reconciliation activity by psychology, aid distribution, commissions and peace treaties. The countries and regions under discussion include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ghana, the Middle East, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The contributions reflect both religious and secular views on reconciliation.
The central debate takes place in the context of the changing role of the military in the modern world. The essays in the volume argue that issues relating to reconciliation and the post-conflict reconstruction of civil society should be considered a part of the moral assessment of military action and that the theory of just war needs to be developed to include considerations of this kind.


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Ahtissari Plan 186 aid distribution 162, 167f f Alfonsin, President 34 Alterio, Maxine 33 Ambrose of Milan 47 Ameh, Robert 26 Amfilohje, Archbishop 179 Annan, Kofi 12 apology 39 Aquinas, St Thomas 47 Arendt, Hannah 123 Argentina 23, 26, 34 Augustine, St 47 Aziz, Tariq 91 Baghdad 95f f Baghdad Accord 100, 210 Bailey, Sydney D. 55, 204 Bandarage, Asoka 155 Bandaranayake–Chelvanayagam pact 151 Basra 54 Bećirević, Edina 16 Begin, Menim 130 Benvinisti, Meron 107 Biggar, Nigel 56 Blair, Tony 12 Bloomfield, David 23f f Bobbitt, Philip 8 Bonino, Emma 83 Boshtraka, Skender 190 Bosnia 15, 129, 141, 142 Branch, Taylor 137 Brecke, P. 141 Bremer, Paul 52f f, 93 Buber, Martin 123 Buddhism 148 Camp David 130 Carey, Archbishop 100 Carnevale, Peter 35 Carter, President 130 children 104 Clinton, President 137 Cold War 50 consensus 35 Constantine, Emperor 46 Coventry Cathedral 1, 6, 12, 18, 66, 70, 102, 216 Dayton Agreement 132 Decani 175 De-Graft Yankah, Hayford 21f f Dissanayake, Lakshman 16 Dokan Accord 100, 101 Dudley–Chelvanayagam pact 151 Dwyer, Susan 23 Elford, R. John 14, 17 Ellis, Marc 10, 16 evil 87 Fackenheim, Emil 109, 111 Fearon, Josiah 65 Fein, Leonard 113 Feith, Peter 185 forgiveness 39 Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East 86 Index 220 Index Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Party 153 Jesus Christ 43f f, 94, 103 Jew(s) of Conscience 11, 15, 107f f, 122, 124 Just War Theory 14, 44, 46f f development of 48, 56 justice 111, 120...

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