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Thinking Between Islam and the West

The Thoughts of Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Bassam Tibi and Tariq Ramadan


Chi-Chung (Andy) Yu

In this book, the author assesses the social vision of three western Muslim intellectuals, Seyyed H. Nasr, Bassam Tibi and Tariq Ramadan. He finds that the thoughts of Nasr and his students promote a kind of tradition-based society, which is in harmony with the Divine Law in Islam and a hierarchical structure of society. The thoughts of Tibi advocate the concept of Euro-Islam, which tries to rationalize Islam and renders it a personal religion in the private domain. Finally, the thoughts of Ramadan emphasize a communicative society, in which dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims on public affairs is crucial. The author tries to understand how these three social orders can complement each other. He compares and contrasts their ideas in order to show that modern Islamic thought is not monolithic but pluralistic, and that they present different social visions for Islam in the West. However, Muslims are often labelled as a minority group and so implicitly excluded from being part of the West: the thoughts of Muslim writers help reflect this problem. The author maintains that these Muslim intellectuals in the West should be fully recognized as western intellectuals.


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感謝的話 (Chinese Acknowledgements)


儒家思想重視家庭,《論語.里仁》有云:「父母在,不遠遊, 遊必有方。」父母在堂,做兒子應該侍候在旁,但我卻留英約 五年之久,雖說是有方,但心裡還是感到難過! 說實話,父母 不懂英語,更非伊斯蘭教徒,這本書對他們來說,並沒有什麼 意義。父親年青時受過文革前三反、五反的逼迫,逃難到香港 定居,自幼就不信神;母親從商,做事多以成本掛帥,利益為 先。從事宗教研究對於他們來說,相信是毫無價值或難以餬口 的事業吧! 但他們對我的支持卻是毫無保留。沒有他們,我根 本沒有條件在英國修讀博士課程,更不用說完成此書! 他們沒 有考慮兒子的工作是否有市場價值,也沒有理會親戚、朋友或 屬下的閒言閒語,單純以愛子的心來支持我的理想。但願他們 身體健康,長命百歲,好讓我能回饋他們的愛! 這裡我要特別 多謝三姨丈郭鴻鈞博士及三姨郭玉英女士,母親與他們共事多 年,在公在私,他們都關顧著母親,甚至我們一家。最後還要 多謝哥哥余冠峰先生,我在英國多年,他則留在父母身旁,代 我服侍雙親,付出了雙倍的孝道。這本書是我送給他們的禮物。 多謝其他香港朋友,對我的關心及支持,心裡無限感激! 他/ 她們包括中學同學思榮和兆恩,保羅團的錦明、彩儀、智生、雪 儀、珮璇、迎德、家聰、子健、敏潔、喜文、健偉、淑芳、玉 蘭、穎思、Rebecca 和Susan等等。理大團契的靜儀、阿庭、阿 蔡、Chris、Jenny、兆偉、志輝、馬草、啟賢、Rachel、Grace和 家寶及已返天家的GCF幹事陳榆。 還要多謝香港中文大學通識教育部的所有同事,不論是教 學或行政上的同事,他們的協助都使我加快適應和投入通識教 育部的工作,亦可以專心地修改此書。這裡要特別多謝梁美儀 教授和崔素珊女士,沒有她們提供的方便,相信此書的修改工 作將會更加漫長。 衷心感謝的是太太靄慈,她是我能加快完成此書的動力! 最 後要感恩天父的保守,讓我擁有以上的一切!

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