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Audiovisual Translation – Research and Use

2nd Expanded Edition


Edited By Mikolaj Deckert

This book explores two strands of Audiovisual Translation referred to as «research» and «use». As their points of convergence as well as divergence are brought to light, the contributors show that the two tend to overlap and cross-pollinate. The volume’s inquiries of linguistic, cultural, sociological, computational, educational and historical nature give a comprehensive up-to-date account of AVT as an expanding and heterogeneous, yet internally coherent, field of scientific and professional endeavour.

«The book offers a good balance of chapters dealing with new topics and chapters dealing with more established AVT topics from new angles. It is a must read for TS students and academics but also for practitioners and for translators from other domains, given the increased prominence and diversity of AVT modes both in TS research and translation practice.»

(Professor Aline Remael

University of Antwerp

Chair of the Department of Applied Linguistics, Translators and Interpreters)

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Official and non-official subtitles in Iran: a comparative study (Hussein Mollanazar / Zeinab Nasrollahi)


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Hussein Mollanazar and Zeinab Nasrollahi, Allameh Tabataba’i University

Official and non-official subtitles in Iran: a comparative study

Abstract: Conducted within a descriptive framework and following a comparative model of research, this study is mainly concerned with the two trends of subtitling in Iran, i.e. official and non-official, and exploring the strategies applied to these ends. As an in-between mediator and determining agent, the translator makes decisions about the quantity and quality of the content to be transferred. However, both official translators and fansubbers consciously or sub-consciously follow a number of ideological and cultural factors. These factors engender varying strategies, which fluctuates in a wide range, from zero translation to manipulation and creative translations. To find the most frequently applied strategies, nine American feature films were selected for the purpose of this study. Based on the findings and followed by a number of chi-squared tests to statistically find the relevance of the two sets, it was inferred that the two versions of subtitling in Iran follow different trends that can be interpreted with regard to the context of each version. Furthermore, the results yielded some insights to how subtitlers operate in the audiovisual media, while playing a significant role in bridging the gap between cultures.

1.  Introduction

Nowadays, interactions between people of the so-called global village have been extensively widened by means of the ubiquitous and ever increasing communicational channels of mass-media and multimedia, which have brought people from...

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