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Professional Military Education

A Cross-Cultural Survey


Edited By Duraid Jalili and Hubert Annen

This book brings together non-Western viewpoints on military pedagogy and professional military education (PME). In doing so, it seeks to provide a counterbalance to the predominantly European and North American bias found within the research field, as well as generating new insights on Latin American, African and Asian pedagogical commentaries and critiques. The collection contains essays from PME researchers and practitioners across fourteen countries, on subjects including large-scale educational reform, civil-military and academic influences on military pedagogy, internationalisation, cross-cultural collaboration, and interoperability within military education.

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Duraid Jalili

Introduction: The Need for Non-Western Perspectives in the Field of Military Pedagogy

Section I    Contemporary Large-Scale PME Reform (and Its Discontents)

Major General (Ret.) Dr. Noel Khokhar

Re-Evaluating the Strategic Contexts for Professional Military Education in the 21st Century

Major General (Ret.) Muhammad Inuwa Idris

Professional Military Education for the Modern Officer: The Nigerian Experience

Section II    Civil-Military Relations and PME Reform

Colonel Ulysses Prada

The Impact of Political-Military Relations on the Professional Training of the Uruguayan Armed Forces

Jorge Serrano Torres/Colonel (Ret.) Juan Carlos Liendo O’Connor

The Role of Military Pedagogy and Civilian Academia in the National Security and Governance of Peru

Diego Pérez Enríquez/Milton Reyes Herrera/Carla Álvarez Velasco

Political Change and Professional Security and Defence Qualifications in Post-Transitional Ecuador (1972–2016)

Section III    The Civilian Academe and Professional Military Education

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Marcelo J. Alem Troncoso

Military Education and Educational Modernization: The Argentine Case

Ho Shu Huang

‘Outsiders Inside’: Experiences of Privately Contracted Educational Staff in the Singapore Armed Forces

Andrea Falla Rubiano

Creating a Pedagogy for Peace for a New Generation of Military Officers

Section IV    Balancing Internationalisation and National Requirements

Dr. Jowati Juhary

The Role of Military Pedagogy in Creating Internationalised Leaders of Character: The Malaysian Way

Lieutenant Colonel Mahammad Moumin

Analysing the Challenges Facing Military Education in Francophone Sub-Saharan African Countries

Section V    Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Interoperability

Ambassador Brigadier General (Ret.) Marcel R.D. Chirwa

Preparing Officers and Soldiers for the Increasingly Multi-Lateral Character of Conflict: A Case Study of the African Peace Support Trainers Association

Professor Silvia Cristina Bernava y Rosas

Training, Integration and Jointness for Complex Scenarios and Multilateral Conflicts: Experiences in the Education of Argentine Army Officers

Colonel Dr. Eri Radityawara Hidayat/Dr. Urip Purwono/Dr. Harry Susianto

Cross-Cultural Decision-Making in International Peacekeeping Operations

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