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New Approaches in Health Sciences

New Methods and Developments in Health Sciences

Edited By Gökhan Aba

New methods, new approaches and advanced technologies have started to be used for patients to gain access to less costly and more quality diagnosis and treatment services in a shorter time. This book, which includes new approaches in health sciences, has been written by successful and expert researchers who work in different health disciplines of health sciences.

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1: Women’s Health and Homeopathy


Ayça Şolt Kırca

1:   Women’s Health and Homeopathy

1 Introduction

Homeopathy was developed 300 years ago by German Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. The related word is originated from the words homois (similar) and pathos (disease). Homeopathy is a treatment type that provides organisms to cope with acute or chronic diseases by strengthening human’s immune system; it is also a holistic treatment type that has a personal approach and no side effect (Organon, 1842; Başar, 2014; Vithoulkas, 2017). It aims to treat the patient by handling him as a whole (physical, emotional and psychological).

Different medications are utilized for each patient and their diseases in homeopathy. The most important feature that makes homeopathy different from the modern medicine is the application of a personal treatment instead of massive treatment. Treatment mentality of homeopaths is to ensure a holistic recuperation via remedies by handling patient as a whole, not repressing the symptoms that disease generates in person. Homeopathy can contribute to arise a social order besides serving to personal health by this mentality. Homeopathy will be a leader treatment system that services to health by becoming popular in case of being supported in social order by this mentality and approach (Vithoulkas, 2017).

2 History of Homeopathy

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy in the 18th century, developed a new approach which assumes that the materials formed specific symptoms in healthy people can be used as healing tools in...

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