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Incarnation and Covenant in the Prologue to the Fourth Gospel (John 1:1-18)


Wilson Paroschi

This study deals with the structural and exegetical relationship between pre-existence and incarnation in the dynamics of John‘s Prologue (John 1:1-18). It discusses the point in the narrative at which the shift from the pre-existent Logos to the incarnate Christ takes place and, therefore, the perspective from which the individual parts of the passage (vss. 1-5; vss. 6-13; vss. 14-18) should be interpreted. By making a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the text and evaluating all contrasting views on the subject, the book shows the essential chronological order of the narrative, whose climax (vss. 14-18) is not the announcement of the incarnation proper, but rather a profound theological reflection on the significance of that event based on the covenantal traditions of the exodus story and later prophetic expectations.


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List of Abbreviations xi Chapter 1. Introduction The Theme of the Prologue 4 The Story of Jesus 4 The Centrality of the Incarnation 6 Statement of Problem and Purpose 10 Justification for the Study 12 Critical Presuppositions 14 Delimitations and Methodology 16 Definition of Terms 17 2. The Pre-existent Mode of the Logos (John 1:1-5) 19 All Things Were Made through Him (Vss. 1-3) 20 Incarnation in Vss. 1-3 21 Assessment 22 'Ev e3Xf:1 23 Creation vs. God's Plan 26 Cosmological Setting 28 The Creative Qualification of the Logos (Vs. 4) 30 Incarnation in Vs. 4 30 Assessment 32 The Problem of ö yy0VEV 33 "0 )4yOVEll EV CILLY“;?' 33 0i)8 EV ö *ovev 35 In Hirn Was Life 38 Life That Was Light 40 The Antithesis between Light and Darkness (Vs. 5) 43 Incarnation in Vs. 5 43 Assessment 45 The Verb kataXaupdcvw 45 Light and Darkness 49 Darkness as death 49 Darkness as absence of life 51 Darkness as sin 53 viii Table of Contents John the Baptist 56 Conclusion 58 3. The Ministry of the Incarnate Logos (John 1:6-13) 61 The Ministry of John the Baptist (Vss. 6-8) 63 John's Place in Salvation History 63 John and the New Aeon 64 A Contextual Reading of Vss. 6-8 69 John's Role in the Fourth Gospel 70 Coming into the World (Vs. 9) 75 The Participle Epx6itEvov 75 Ildwvx ävepurrov Epx6[_tevov 76 'Elv Tb cPCi)g ... px6.tEvov 78 Continuous vs. Single Coming 80 The Identity...

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