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Conversational Writing

A Multidimensional Study of Synchronous and Supersynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication


Ewa Jonsson

The author analyses computer chat as a form of communication. While some forms of computer-mediated communication (CMC) deviate only marginally from traditional writing, computer chat is popularly considered to be written conversation and the most «oral» form of written CMC. This book systematically explores the varying degrees of conversationality («orality») in CMC, focusing in particular on a corpus of computer chat (synchronous and supersynchronous CMC) compiled by the author. The author employs Douglas Biber’s multidimensional methodology and situates the chats relative to a range of spoken and written genres on his dimensions of linguistic variation. The study fills a gap both in CMC linguistics as regards a systematic variationist approach to computer chat genres and in variationist linguistics as regards a description of conversational writing.
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Names: Jonsson, Ewa, 1968- author.

Title: Conversational writing : a multidimensional study of synchronous and

supersynchronous computer-mediated communication / Ewa Jonsson.

Description: Frankfurt am Main ; New York : Peter Lang, [2016] | Series:

English Corpus Linguistics ; Volume 16 | Includes bibliographical references.

Identifiers: LCCN 2016000923| ISBN 9783631671535 (Print) | ISBN 9783653065121 (E-Book)

Subjects: LCSH: Conversation analysis--Data processing. | Authorship--Computer network

sources. | Digital communications. | Online social networks.

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