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Perspectives on Twentieth-Century Pharmaceuticals

Viviane Quirke and Judy Slinn

Contents: Viviane Quirke/Judy Slinn: Perspectives on Twentieth-Century Pharmaceuticals: an Introduction – Jonathan Simon/ Axel C. Hüntelmann: Two Models for Production and Regulation: the diphtheria serum in Germany and France – Frank Huisman: Struggling for the Market: strategies of Dutch pharmaceutical companies, 1880-1940 – María Jesús Santesmases: Distributing Penicillin: the clinic, the hero and industrial production in Spain, 1943-1952 – Marion A. Hulverscheidt: The Scientist-Entrepreneur or Financing in Pharmaceutical Research: a portrait of the malariologist Werner Schulemann, 1888-1975 – Cay-Rüdiger Prüll: Scientists, Doctors and Drug Development: the history of Raymond P. Ahlquist’s receptor theory, 1948-1988 – Claude Richard/Marie-Therese Lussier: Proposition of a Model for the Discussion of Medications during Medical Encounters – Tony Corley: Twentieth-Century American Contributions to the Growth of the Beecham Enterprise – Sergio Sismondo: Linking Research and Marketing, a Pharmaceutical Innovation – Manon Niquette/William J. Buxton: Relieving Twentieth-Century Excesses: the socialization of antacid and laxative uses through advertising – John P. Swann: Reducing with Dinitrophenol: self-medication and the challenge of regulating a dangerous pharmaceutical before the US Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act – Dominique A. Tobbell: Charitable Innovations: the political economy of thalassemia research and drug development in the United States, 1960-2000 – Heather Munro Prescott: Imperfect Methods and Uncertain Choices: the regulation and marketing of emergency contraception in the United States – Beat Bächi: Producing Ascorbic Acid: how microbes transformed the pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-la Roche, 1933-1953 – Michael Bürgi/Bruno J. Strasser: Pharma in Transition: new approaches to drug development at F. Hoffmann-la Roche & Co, 1960-1980 – Anne-Laure Saives/Mehran Ebrahimi/Robert H. Desmarteau (with the collaboration of Catherine Garnier): Knowledge Creation Dynamics and the Growth of Biotech Firms in Quebec.