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Rebalancing Material and Spiritual Values in Economic Life


Luk Bouckaert, Hendrik Opdebeeck and Laszlo Zsolnai

Contents: Luk Bouckaert/Hendrik Opdebeeck/Laszlo Zsolnai: Why Frugality – Luk Bouckaert: Rational versus Spiritual Concepts of Frugality – Rafael Esteban: Frugality and the Body – Francis Kadaplackal: How the Idea ‘Created Co-Creator’ Can Contribute to the Nurturing of Frugality in Economic Life – Laurie Michaelis: Quaker Simplicity – Dirk Geldof: Overconsumption – Ronald Commers/Wim Vandekerckhove: Frugality and the Moral Economy of Late Capitalism – Knut Ims/Ove Jacobsen: Consumerism and Frugality: Contradictory Principles in Economics? – Hendrik Opdebeeck: The Urgency of a Frugality-based Economics – Herman E. Daly: Frugality First – Ronald Jeurissen/Bert van de Ven: Frugal Marketing: Can Selling Less Make Business Sense? – Robert H. Frank: The Progressive Consumption Tax – Laszlo Zsolnai: Buddhist Economic Strategy.