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Pour Mwan Mon Lalang Maternel i Al avek Mwan Partou

A Sociolinguistic Study on Attitudes towards Seychellois Creole


Christina Fleischmann

Contents: Background Information on the Islands of the Indian Ocean Region – The Mascarenes: Réunion, Mauritius Rodriguez – The Seychelles: Geography, History, Population and Speech Situation – Sociohistorical Conditions of the Early IOR Colonial Societies – The Origin of the Seychellois Creole – The «Bourbonnais» versus the «Isle de France» Theory – The Genesis of the Seychellois Creole – Minority Languages – Language Planning – The Seychelles Education System – Language Attitudes towards the Seychellois Creole: A Case Study – Research Tools: Questionnaires, Interviews, Documentary Analysis – Attitudes Towards the Promotion and Learning of Creole – The Status of Creole as a Formal Language – Value Differences Between English, Creole and French – The Role and Status of Creole in the Seychelles School System – Improvement of the Seychelles School System through Creole – Attitudes of Teachers and Policy-Makers Towards Creole in Schools – Recommendations – Summary and Outlook.