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Ukraine on its Meandering Path Between East and West


Andrej N. Lushnycky and Mykola Riabchuk

Contents: Andrej N. Lushnycky/Mykola Riabchuk: Foreword – Mykola Riabchuk: Agony of a «Blackmail State»: Rise and (Possible) Fall of Post-Soviet Semi-Authoritarian Regimes – Nicole Gallina: Ukraine Knocking at the Door? The EU-Ukraine Relationship after the Orange Revolution – Marta Dyczok: Media in Ukraine: Between Revolution and Election (2004-2006) – Olexiy Haran/Petro Burkovsky: In the Aftermath of the Revolution: From Orange Victory to Sharing the Power with Opponents – Mychailo Wynnyckyj: Ukraine 2006-7: Building Elite Consensus Through Conflict – Tammy Lynch: Ukraine’s Post-Orange Evolution – James Sherr: Whither the Russian Factor? – Mark Andryczyk: New Images of the Intellectual in Post-Soviet Ukrainian Literature.