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Practical Approaches to Foreign Language Teaching and Learning


Marta Navarro Coy

Contents: Eva Mendieta: Spanish Language Maintenance and Linguistic attitudes in the Latino Community of Northwest Indiana – Erin Kearney: Images as a Resource for Culture Learning in the Foreign Language Classroom – Heike Pintor/Birgit Strotmann/Claudia Kunschak: Project Management Inside and Outside the Classroom – Elaine Hewitt: Is Parental Influence an Effective Resource for Learning English as a Foreign Language? An Empirical Study with Complete-Beginner Children – Joanna Bielska: Gender Differences in Strategy Use and Classroom Task Preferences of Polish EFL Learners – Silvia Inés Pereira Rojas/Celia Guido Mendes: Influence of Dictionary Usage in the Results of a Test of Reading Comprehension of Technical and Scientific Texts in EFL – Carlos Periñán Pascual: WebQuests in a Stand-alone Course Management System – Maureen Klos: Beyond Autonomous Learning: Integrating e-Learning in Academia Language Support – Juan Bosco Camón Herrera: Software for L2 Writing Enhancement in Translation Curricula – Piedad Fernández Toledo: Allocation of Traditional, Human and Computer Resources to Meet the ELIS Subject Curriculum Demands – Marta Navarro Coy/Mª Luisa Villanueva Alfonso: Broadening the Concept of Reading Strategies: Towards a New Wreader – Mª Noelia Ruiz Madrid: Designing CALL Materials in the Foreign Language Field: The Case of TADLA in the EFL Classroom – Ignasi Navarro/Antonio J. Silvestre: The Role of ICMs in Cybergenre Representation and Reading Modes.