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Translocal Modernisms

International Perspectives


Irene Ramalho Santos and António Sousa Ribeiro

Contents: Françoise Meltzer: Preface: Jeanne Duval – Irene Ramalho Santos/António Sousa Ribeiro: Introduction – Susan Stanford Friedman: One Hand Clapping: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and the Spatio/Temporal Boundaries of Modernism – Gualter Cunha: A Tour of Some Gardens of Modernism: From Coole Park to Eccles Street – Helena Carvalhão Buescu: Modernity, Borders and Crystallizations – Houston Baker: Modernity and the Transatlantic Rupture: A Meditation on the Slave Trade – Ana Luísa Saraiva: Inverting the Middle Passage: Richard Wright’s ‘Return’ to Africa – Isabel Caldeira: Toni Morrison and Pepetela: Confluences of the African Diaspora – Vivian Liska: Making It Mean and Making It Matter: Modernism for the Twenty-first Century – Catarina Martins: Textual Dis-solutions in the Modernist House of Mirrors – Inês Lage Pinto Basto: The Fairest Mirror of All: Alberto Caeiro, Leopold Bloom and Jay Gatsby – Rosa Maria Martelo: Re-winding Modernism and Revisiting the Baudelairean Tradition of Modernity: Displacements in Portuguese Poetry between the 1960s and the 1970s – Isabel Capeloa Gil: Stemming the Tide: Carl Schmitt and Ernst Jünger’s Reactionary Modernism – Maria José Canelo: The Geopolitical Dimension of Modernism: Mexican Countercultures in California – Teresa Cid: Lively Modernism(s): The Comic Strip as/and Modern American Art – Paula Mesquita: Dressed to Kill: The Sex of the Wars in Cather and Faulkner.