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Landmarks in the History of the German Language


Geraldine Horan, Nils Langer and Sheila Watts

Contents: Geraldine Horan/Nils Langer/Sheila Watts: Introduction – Rosamond McKitterick: A Landmark Figure in the History of German? Charlemagne, Language and Literacy – John L. Flood: Luther and Tyndale as Bible Translators: Achievement and Legacy – Nicola McLelland: Understanding German Grammar Takes Centuries – William Jervis Jones: Dictionaries and their Role in the Formation of German (1500-1900) – Maria B. Lange: Texts and Text Types in the History of German – Falco Pfalzgraf: Linguistic Purism in the History of German – Martin Durrell: Deutsch: Teutons, Germans or Dutch? The Problems of Defining a Nation – Winifred V. Davies: Standard German in the Nineteenth Century – Nils Langer: Sociolinguistic Changes in the History of Low German – Geraldine Horan: Gendered and Political Discourses: Women in National Socialism – C.J. Wells: Language in Limbo? Post-1945 German.