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The Beautiful and the Monstrous

Essays in French Literature, Thought and Culture


Amaleena Damlé and Aurélie L'Hostis

Contents: Amaleena Damlé: Introduction – Kristy Guneratne: Beauty and the Place of the Subject: Reading Merleau-Ponty after Kant – Dominique Chaigne: The Beauty of ‘Lame’ Sonnets – Fiona Gatty: Beauty and Monstrosity in Nineteenth-Century French Art Criticism 1801-1824 – Cécilia A. Falgas-Ravry: A Dance of Angels and Monsters: Victor Hugo’s Caducean Aesthetics – Catherine Markey: ‘Une œuvre barbare et délicate’: Hervé Guibert and the Limits of Representation – Anna Magdalena Elsner: Uncanny Balbec: Crypts, Nightmares and Phantoms in ‘Les intermittences du cœur’ – Nicolas Valazza: The Flower and the Monster: On Huysmans’ Painters – Klem James: Surrealism and the Sublime or the Vertiginous Plunging into the Real – Martin Llewellyn: Neither Beast nor Man: ‘Qu’est que c’est qu’un monstre’ ? – Miranda Griffin: The Beastly and the Courtly in Medieval Tales of Transformation: Bisclavret, Melion and Mélusine – Ruth G. Vorstman: Diane as Beauty: Three Seventeenth-Century Examples – Jennifer Yee: The Black Maid and her Mistress in Manet and Zola – Elizabeth Lindley: The Monstrous Female: Images of Abjection in Marie NDiaye’s Hilda – Andrew Asibong: Haitian Bride of Frankenstein: Disintegrating Beauty, Monstrousness and ‘Race’ in Jacques Stephen Alexis’s ‘Chronique d’un faux-amour’.